BasicReference, The one being of true power, was a founding member of the Cancer Crew, and predates many of the other members with the exception of Elite, who comes from the same Era. BasicReference is a God, and his omnipotence grants him absolute dominion over those in his sphere of influence. He is one of the wisest, holiest, and most powerful beings to ever exist. Only a fool would invoke his rage, as he is known to erupt in mighty violence and vaporize those who anger him on the molecular level. No one knows how long Basic has been alive, but it is theorized that his soul predates Jesus of Nazareth. BasicReference has lived millions of lives before, but his current life is his most powerful. Before he unlocked his God status, his current body needed to attain higher consciousness from the astral planes themselves. With the new found consciousness he was able to rise again and begin his path of global dominance.